Gazans Protest Genocidal Crimes against CAR Muslims outside UN Office


Palestinian citizens rallied outside the office of the UN high commissioner for human rights in the Gaza Strip in solidarity with the Muslims of the Central African Republic (CAR), who are exposed to genocidal and ethnic cleansing crimes at the hands of Christian citizens and militias.

On Saturday, the participants in the sit-in protested the international silence on the mass killing of Central African Muslims and called for action to save them, PIC reported.

The protestors held banners condemning the passivity of international human rights organizations towards what happens to the CAR Muslims and calling for immediate action to end the injustice inflicted upon them.

The Resistance Movement in Palestine, the organizer of the sit-in protest, strongly denounced the Christian ethnic cleansing taking place against the CAR Muslims in full view of the French forces, which have military presence in the country.

“The massacres having been committed against the Muslims there for more than two weeks are aimed mainly at eradicating the Muslim presence everywhere and waging an ethnic cleansing campaign against them,” senior official of the Movement Abu Qasem Daghmash stated in press remarks during the event.

Daghmash stressed the need for urgent international action stopping the barbaric attacks against the CAR Muslims and bringing the leaders of the Christian militias and gangs to international justice.