Gaza “Dark Times” Growing Dimmer as Blockaded Strip Runs out of Fuel


Gaza’s Energy Authority raised alarm bells over chronic power blackouts rocking the blockaded Gaza Strip due to acute shortages in fuel reserves.

Spokesperson for the Energy Authority, Ahmad Abu al-Amarein, said on Monday that only 1.5 million liters of fuel were shipped last week to Gaza’s power plant, half of whose electricity generators need at least 300,000 liters per day to function properly.

“The quantity dispatched last week meets the requirements of no more than five days,” he warned.

“Hadn’t we been resorting to rationing as the ultimate emergency way-out of the crisis, Gaza’s power plant would cease to function starting on Thursday,” he added.

Al-Amarein further drew attention to the huge amounts of fuel and funds needed to work out the power crisis in besieged Gaza, saying that inflation in the price of Israeli fuel and the taxes imposed by the Ramallah-based authorities, along with the shrinkage in collected bill rates and the latest Israeli offensive on Gaza, have sparked an urgent appeal for emergency supplies.

Acute shortages in fuel have forced Gaza’s plant to work along the “12 hours off, six hours on” emergency schedule as a last resort aimed at assuaging the rolling electricity outages rocking the blockaded enclave.