Fresh zionist airstrikes, shelling kill several Gazans including many babies..


Israeli forces continue to target the besieged Gaza Strip from air and land, claiming more Palestinian lives across the besieged region.

Latest reports say fresh Israeli airstrikes left over a dozen people dead on early hours of Saturday.

A six-year-old child was among causalities caused by the ongoing Israeli offensive.

Sources say the death toll is rapidly rising as more bodies are being recovered from under the rubble.

At least 334 people are confirmed dead and nearly 2,400 more injured since Tel Aviv unleashed its offensive 12 days ago.

This is while Palestinian resistance groups in Gaza continue to target Israeli towns and cities with a volley of rockets.

On the ground, at least two Israeli soldiers were wounded when rockets hit the city of Eshkol.

In the northern parts of the Gaza Strip, one Israeli trooper was hurt by a Palestinian sniper shot and an Israeli tank was destroyed near Beit Hanoun.

One Israeli has been killed and several others wounded in clashes with Palestinian fighters since the beginning of Israel’s ground incursion into Gaza late Thursday.

Meanwhile, international condemnations as well as demonstrations against Israel over its deadly attacks on Gaza are gaining momentum.

In Phoenix, the largest city in the US state of Arizona, people have rallied in support of the Gaza population.

In Egypt, protesters have denounced the Israeli atrocities in neighboring Gaza, calling for an end to the onslaught. They urged the Egyptian authorities to ease restrictions on victims of the Israeli bombardments.

Violent protests also broke out in the Indian-administered Kashmir, where thousands took to the streets to denounce Israel’s invasion of Gaza.