Five Worker Killed in Turkey


Within five days, five workers died in three different construction projects in Istanbul.

Three workers had lost their lives by falling down from the sixteen-story working scaffold in Kartal district, Istanbul.

Workers Hasan Doğan (53), Salih Karayalı and Sinan Doğan, while working on the sixteenth floor of the construction, allegedly fell down and hit to the concrete floor due to the broken scaffold.

Previously on May 27, an unidentified subcontracted worker who belonged to Mesa-Kantur Construction Company lost his life by falling down from the 7th floor in Tema Park construction in Halkalı district.

Again on May 27, worker Hakan Tek lost his life due to drop of iron mould while he was working in Maslak 1453 project of Ali Ağaoğlu, a well-known business man who has been involved in various projects of urban renewal in Istanbul. In fact, the court ruled to stop the execution of this project.

Also on May 29th, the roof collapsed in the construction of high-speed train in Sakarya’s Arifiye district. And five workers hospitalized due to this incident.

According to a report by Worker Health and Safety Assembly, most of the workplace murders have occurred in the construction and road construction sectors in 2013. Last year, 294 of 1253 workplace murders occurred in road construction and construction sectors.