Erdoğan’s Palace Has More Than 2000 Rooms


It was claimed by the Chamber of Architects that Erdoğan’s new presidency palace has more than 2000 rooms which cost over 5 quadrillions.

Tezcan Karakuş, Chairman of the Ankara branch of Chamber of Architects, has claimed that the cost of the new Presidency Palace (Ak Saray in Turkish) is much higher than it is indicated, and there are almost 2000 rooms in four floors above the ground.

 Karakuş made striking statements in the press meeting in Ankara, claiming that the Urban Observation Center has made some calculations about the massive palace constructed in Atatürk Forest Farm which has received severe criticisms over the past few weeks.. According to the Urban Observation Center, the building has 8 floors in total, 4 of which being underground.

Candan went on to say: “We do not know how many rooms there are underground, but we are pretty sure that there are more than 2000 rooms above the ground. […] The cost declared by the ministry is just the tip of the iceberg. Kaçak Saray (which means “illegal palace” in Turkish] has been built for more than 5 quadrillions. The roads to the palace cost 60 million TL.”