Erdoğan Changes Opinion on Mavi Marmara Crisis


President Erdoğan supporting İHH that blames Israel because of Mavi Marmara crisis, has changed his opinion with the normalization of relations with Israel: “Did you ask then Prime Minister to bring humanitarian aid?”

The change in President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s speeches as to Mavi Marmara crisis with the normalization of Turkey-Israel relations which regressed after Mavi Marmara crisis draws attention.

Erdoğan in his speech yesterday (June 29) addressing the Humanitarian Aid Foundation (İHH) said “did you ask then Prime Minister while sending humanitarian aid to Gaza”.

However, Erdoğan in his speech following the assault launched on the Mavi Marmara ship had said they themselves allowed the ship.


Erdoğan had said the following in his speech in which he criticized Fethullah Gülen, the leader and founder of the Gülen Movement, who said “Turkey should have gotten permission from authority” following the Mavi Marmara assault.

“What was he saying? ‘They didn’t get permission from authority’. Who is authority? Is it the ones they love in the South or us? If we are the authority, then we have already given permission. But [the authority] is Israel for them”.


Erdoğan spoke as follows in his speech yesterday:

“Did you ask the then Prime Minister of Turkey for bringing such a humanitarian aid?

“We have always aided Gaza till now and still doing. But we are doing this within international diplomacy rather than show off somewhere”. (EKN/TK)