Envoy Calls for Broadening Iran-Turkey Media Cooperation


Iranian Ambassador to Turkey Alireza Bigdeli called for the further expansion of media cooperation between Tehran and Ankara.

The Iranian envoy made the call in a meeting with the representatives of the Turkish media in the Turkish capital city on Wednesday.

Bigdeli urged the Iranian and Turkish media outlets to play a more active role in strengthening bilateral ties.

During the meeting with the Turkish media representatives, the Iranian ambassador introduced Saeed Adinehlou as the country’s new media attaché to Turkey.

Bigdeli expressed the hope that Adinehlou would establish satisfactory media ties between the Iranian and Turkish media during his mission in Ankara.

In November, Bigdeli underlined that Tehran and Ankara have to increase their efforts to reach their planned objectives for 2015.

“Preferential trade, using national currencies in trade exchanges, improving the conditions at border passages and terminals, improvement of financial and monetary cooperation, reciprocal tourism ties, and cooperation in energy, defense and media sectors should be added to the existing cooperation to move along the targeted path,” Bigdeli said.

The value of trade between Iran and Turkey in the first half of 2014 stood at $6.5bln, according to data released by Turkish Statistical Institute.

Trade between Turkey and Iran stood at $22bln in 2012 before dipping to $14.5bln in the following year due to the economic sanctions imposed on Tehran by the West.