Egyptian Quranic Figure Underlines Learning Quran at Young Age


Head of Egypt’s Quran Reciter’s Association stressed the need for teaching the Quran to children at a young age.

Speaking on an Egyptian TV program, Sheikh Muhammad Mahmoud Tablawi said parents ought to make efforts to teach the Quran to their children when they are young, the Misrawi website reported.

He added that serious attention should be paid to teaching memorization of the Quran.

As for tips for recitation of the Quran, he suggested that playing sports and doing exercises helps one to have breath for improved Quran recitation.

“I, myself, played football and it helped me a lot to have long breath in recitation, which is a major asset for a Qari of the Quran,” he added.

Egypt is known in the Muslim world as a country where some of the most prominent Quran reciters have emerged in recent decades.