Ecxl. Hijab (Islamic cloth, headscarf) is still banned in Turkey


Hijab (Islamic cloth, headscarf) was banned even during the first 10 year of Erdogan ruling in Turkey. People of Turkey have criticised Turkish government for this ban for decades, especially after the dirty war on Syria started because the headscarf was not banned in Syria under Assad ruling while it was banned in Turkey under Erdogan ruling.

People started to tell, “Erdogan wants to change Syrian regime to ban the headscarf there? and what kind of freedom is Erdogan trying to take to Syria while Muslim girls, women can not go to schools, work places, even some hospitals with their headscarves. Is this the freedom of Erdogan?” etc.

Turkish government under Erdogan ruling faced harsh criticism about headscarf ban, and finally they decided to change this one BY DECREES NOT BASIC LAW (NOT BY CONSTITUTION). They did not guarantee the freedom of headscarf by CONSTITUTION consciously. It is a temporary solution, which is already programmed by enemies of Islam to deceive Muslim people of Turkey.

They needed AKP (Erdogan’s ruling party) for their dirty war on Syria because they would not be able to deceive Muslim people of Turkey with a leftist party like CHP that is against any kind of freedom of religion. People would rise against CHP if it declared war on Syria because it was impossible for CHP to call a Jeehad in Syria while CHP is already far away from the Islamic literature. The best tool of enemies of Syria was a fake Islam (American Islam) to destroy Syria under a religion cloth. Thus, the Zionist Powers of USA, West, Israel used their AKP card.

When the dirty war on Syria is finished the leftists who have no relations with Islam will be brought to power in Turkey and they will ban the headscarf again. The parties that have no relations with Islam will ban headscarf even with their minority at Turkish parliament. In order to change this ban the AKP government had that opportunity but they did not change it. If they had guaranteed the freedom of headscarves, no one would have been able to change it, but they just changed some decrees which can be changed by any future parties. This shows that AKP has no intenion of giving freedom to headscarves of Muslims.

Morover, the result of election in Turkey is defined by USA beforehand and this decision is shaped according to the people’s reaction of that time. For example, Ex-PM Davutoglu run the last election campaign of AKP, but he was resigned later and Binali Yıldırım was appointed as the new PM.

You may remember the general election on June 7 in 2015 when the participation to Turkish election of European people was %8. The election abroad was much more different from the one inside of Turkey because it was eased in almost all ways. We have a proverb in Turkish that says a part reflects the whole. Although the voters could came the day, time and place they wanted the participation was at very very low levels. Although the Turkish people living abroad are more nationalists than the ones living in Turkey. That reasult was the kind that they failed to hide the fact, but they can hide the real reasult in Turkey. It is not important which party wins because the ruling party or opposition party are already chosen at White House under Tel Aviv’s direction. If the elected one is not chosen by USA, there is no importance of the choice of people of Turkey.


Turkish Media that is under the control of USA tries its best to portray Erdogan a good Muslim because they want to deceive Muslim people of Turkey through the religion card. People of Turkey do not accept Israel a country or do not want relations with USA while Turkish government declare Israel a “friend and ally” and USA a “sincere brother”. Turkish Government lifted NATO VETO over Slaughterer Israel on May 5 of 2016 despite Turkish people are definitely against any kinds of relations with Israel. You will never watch the facts, truths on Turkish Media.