Drinking Water cures 23 Diseases


Hujjat al-Islam wal-Muslemin Sayyed Hassan Ziya’ee said about the water benefits, “drinking water every six hours has 23 benefits for the human among which are treating blood cholesterol, blood sugar, constipation, and balancing the blood circulation system.”

According to the reports issued from Astan Quds Razavi website, this expert in Islamic medicine said in the special program of Teb ul-Ma’soumin (the medicine of the Infallible Imams (A.S.)) held in Jumhouri Islami courtyard of Astan Quds Razavi with presence of the pilgrims, “blood cholesterol can be cured by eating some foods.”

Regarding the natural effective foods in curing blood cholesterol, he said, “eating an apple after each meal, eating 12 prunes before dinner, drinking lemon juice, and eating pomegranate, grape, cucumber, cherry, and artichoke are effective in treating this disease.”

Stating that eating an unpeeled marrow every day is effective in curing blood cholesterol, he added, “Drinking natural verjuice and a spoonful of dried dill with lunch and supper are other effective foods for decreasing blood cholesterol.”

He recommended drinking 2 glasses of water every six hours, drinking 1 glass of water 2 hours before or after each meal, using cinnamon powder, eating pomegranate flower honey, and drinking sage tea for curing the blood cholesterol.

He said, “Saffron, Rose leaves, caraway, cinnamon, black seed (nigella) are forbidden for the pregnant women eating which may lead to abortion.”

This Researcher of Islamic Medicine added, “using caraway every day before beginning the activity and using one gram cinnamon is recommended in curing the blood cholesterol but the pregnant women suffering from blood cholesterol must avoid it.”

Curing Obesity by Half Hour Walking Every Day

This Islamic medicine expert said that slow walking in the pool or outdoors treat the blood cholesterol, stating, “half hour walking outdoors eliminates the sides and abdomen fats.”

He recommended rubbing the body with meerschaum, eating the mixture of fenugreek seeds with bitter almond kernel, coriander, jaggery, and the tartar of apple cider vinegar for curing blood cholesterol.

Ziya’ee stated, “Chemical sugars, industrial juice, sodas, fried foods, banana, creamed cookies, industrial ice cream, Nescafe, cream, top milk, liver, and Kale Pache (an Iranian traditional high fat food) in the morning lead to blood cholesterol and sugar.”

This lecturer of the special program of Teb ul-Ma’soumin reiterated, “the pregnant and breast feeding women aren’t recommended to lose weight and diet.”

Stating that the pregnant women shouldn’t add weight more than 12 kilos, he said, “The pregnant woman suffering from heavy weight must be careful not to add more than 17 kilos during pregnancy.”

Answering the question of how to lose weight and remove the abdomen fat, this Islamic medicine expert said, “fasting in the blessed month of Ramadan, drinking a mixture of leaning extracts including anisette, caraway, dill, celery, and coriander half a cup of each are effective in losing weight.”

He also asserted, “Decocted hazelnut flower in every evening, a cup of anisette and caraway water, eating cherry and its tea are appropriate in losing weight.”

“Those who want to lose weight must notice that losing weight more than 2 kilos per week leads in psychological disorders, insomnia, hair loss, and general weakness”, he added.

Clearing the Skin

This seminary professor stated, “Not drying the skin after ablution, having permanent ablution, avoiding eating fast foods, chemical sugar, high trans fats, and leftover foods are effective to have a clear skin.”

Ziyaee added, “Eating a pomegranate before breakfast every Friday decreases the blood concentration and cholesterol and also is effective in having a clear skin.”