Dr. Haddad Adil: World free of terror achieved through governance of religion


Dr. Ghulamali Haddad Adil, the representative of the people of Tehran in Parliament, spoke in a gathering for ‘A world free of extremism and terrorism from the viewpoint of the Abrahamic religions’.

He stated: “For the world to be free of terrorism, religion needs to be the governing force, and this is exactly the opposite of that which is attributed to us.”

“In today’s world, those in power, those who are far from God have been the cause of the World Wars, bloodshed and terrorism on a grand scale.”

Highlighting the hypocrisy that exists in how people view secular and religious power, he said: “If in a secular government a judge passes down a sentence of capital punishment (such as some states in America where execution is a part of the law), that it is not seen as barbaric, however, if in a religious government a judge passes down a sentence of execution, everyone says that this is barbaric and no religion should be barbaric.”

Dr Haddan Adil spoke on the importance of unity in order to tackle the faithlessness that exists in the world. He stated: “Leaving the differences aside between Christianity and Islam, we must speak about the need for religion and faith for humanity today, something which is in the interest for both of us.”

The respected professor saw religion, not secularism, as the only solution for getting rid of terrorism. He expressed: “We are against terrorism in its true sense; however, we are not going to choose secularism in order to escape from what you call terrorism. In the western mind-set it has been solidified that even a small movement of governance towards religion will lead to terrorism being committed.”

“Someone who carries out an terrorism in Africa or any other place in this World, subconsciously distances themselves from God.”

Dr. Ghulamali Haddad Adil finished his talk by explaining how Iran has not resorted to terrorism or unnecessary use of force, even when being the victim of such treatment. He concluded: “The Baathist regime attacked us and we defended ourselves whilst preserving the Islamic laws. When Saddam used chemical weapons, we did not use chemical weapons. Imam Khomeini, from the standing of being an Islamic ruler held the opinion that we should not attack cities and defenseless people, and this remains the viewpoint of our highly respected leader.”