Documents Prove Turkish Authorities’ Collaboration with ISIL Bomb Making


Documents released by certain Arab media showed that the Turkish border guard authorities in Tal Abyadh in Raqqa have collaborated with the ISIL terrorist group in smuggling Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) parts and explosive materials.

According to al-Youm al-Sabe’ newspaper, the Kurdish forces fighting against the terrorist groups in Northern Syria have found the documents.

They indicated that the ISIL is smuggling raw materials used for making bombs through the bordering areas between Turkey and Syria.

These documents also disclosed the tight relations between the ISIL and Ahrar al-Sham terrorist group which is considered by Turkey as moderates.

13950615000645_PhotoIBased on the documents, the Turkish border guards were bribed by the ISIL militants to allow smuggling of an explosive powder used for building IEDs.

13950615000648_PhotoI 13950615000642_PhotoIThe US daily, New York Times, had reported in May 2015 that while the fertilizer, ammonium nitrate, is widely used for agriculture, it has also been used by terrorists around the world – including the ISIL- to build powerful explosives.

“It is not for farming. It is for bombs,” said Mehmet Ayhan, an opposition politician from Akcakale, at the time. But he did not oppose the deliveries, saying they created jobs in his impoverished town.

“As long as the Turkish people benefit from this — regardless of where it goes on the other side — it is a good thing,” Ayhan said.

Analysts believe that while Turkey has vowed to close its Southern border to foreign fighters seeking to join the jihad, the open transport of ammonium nitrate into ISIL-controlled areas points to lingering questions about Ankara’s commitment to isolating the terrorist group.