Details of Larijani-Talabani meeting


Iranian parliament speaker visited former Iraqi president Jalal Talabani who is sick in bed at his home on Friday and seeing him and hearing that he was getting well, expressed delight.

The meeting was held in the presence of Mrs. Talabani (Jalal Talabani’s wife) and a number the Central Office members of the Union of the Iraqi Kurdistan Motherland.

Mrs. Talabani in the meeting offered a report on the process of the remedial efforts for curing the leader of the Union of the Iraqi Kurdistan Motherland and exchanged viewpoints with Larijani on the latest status of the region and the prevailing conditions in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Head of the Politburo of the Union of the Iraqi Kurdistan Motherland Molla Bakhtiar, too, focusing on Larijani-Talabani meeting, told the reporters that the Iranian parliament speaker’s presence in Iraqi Kurdistan is Islamic Republic’s repeated emphasis for the Iraqi political process and the Iraqi Kurdistan.