“DAESH is the enemy of humanity.”


A senior Iranian Sunni cleric slammed the inhuman anti-Islamic crimes by Takfiri (excommunicating) groups in Iraq and other regional countries stressing that to tarnish the image of Islam and to target Islamic unity is the final objective of Takfiri extremists.

Mamusta Abdul Hamid Hassani, prayer leader of Divandareh, in the Iranian Province of Kurdistan, in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) said those who have broken out the war in Iraq do not think of Islam and intend to stop the Islamic Awakening.

He added,” Takfiri groups commit mass murders because in their hallucinations they intend to spread Islam while what they do is in fact quite contrary to the teachings of Isalm.”

Sunni prayer leader called Muslims to be vigilant and resist against the intrigues of the enemies and some ignorant people in Takfiri and extremist groups.

“Muslims in all Islamic states have to stand against inhuman and anti-Islamic intrigues of DAESH and other Takfiri groups in Iraq.” said the cleric.

Mamusta Hassani also referred to the solidarity among different Islamic denominations in the Islamic Republic of Iran and added,” Iran is one of the most secure countries in the Middle East and we have to guard this blessing with all our efforts.”