Cuba’s President Urges Allies to Support Venezuela’s Maduro


Cuban president urged allies to defend Venezuela against foreign conspiracies, amid months of anti-government protests in Venezuela.

“Venezuela deserves strong support from its allies,” Raul Castro said in a speech at a Group 77 (G-77) plus China meeting in the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz, press tv reported.

“Imperialism and the oligarchs who were no match for President (Hugo) Chavez think that the time to destroy the Bolivarian revolution and overthrow President (Nicolas) Maduro’s government using unconventional warfare methods, as they have done lately in different countries,” Castro stressed.

Bolivian President Evo Morales also commented on the situation in Venezuela, saying that if the United States meddles militarily in the country, it would have a new Vietnam on its hands.

“If Barack Obama keeps assailing the people of Venezuela, I am convinced that, faced with provocation and aggression, Venezuela and Latin America will be a second Vietnam for the United States,” Morales stressed.

“Let us defend democracy, natural resources, our sovereignty and our dignity,” Morales added.