Cleric calls for unified move against dispersion


Iranian top Sunni cleric stressed necessity of highlighting religious commonalities and avoiding dispersion among Muslims.

Mamusta Mohammad Mohammadi, prayer leader of the Sunni community in Kermanshah, attended the opening ceremony for third moon observation calling Islam as a global school of thought which opposes any form of division among people, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He called for special attention on Qur’an and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as commonalities of different Islamic denominations and expansion of cooperation and sympathy based on these common assets.
Mamusta Mohammadi praised Kermanshah Province for its inclusion of people from different Islamic denominations who admiringly maintain their unity avoiding all forms of disagreements.
He hailed the conference on moon observation in multi-ethnic regions of Iran as a key step to foil hostile intrigues and putting an end to intrigues hatched among Islamic denominations.
Sunni cleric also highlighted wide participation of Muslim elites in this conference saying,” Islamic thinkers attending this conference will settle disagreements and boost ties as well as maintain special care for moon observation to begin the holy month of Ramadan.”
Mamusta Mohammadi invited Sunni and Shia scholars to hold unity prayer in Shafei mosque of Kermanshah and said the unity prayer will be a manifest of solidarity among Muslim leaders and wil show the power of Islam to the world.
Sunni prayer leader of Kermanshah concluded that,” We should not let minor disagreements provide the grounds for misuse of the enemies and pave the grounds for hostility among Muslim brothers.”
As a lunar calendar which calculates the beginning and ending of the months based on moon, Muslim experts and religious leaders observe moon to announce the beginning and ending of Islamic months most importantly Ramadan, fasting month when Muslims abstain from eating and drinking from dusk to dawn.