Bushehr power plant will resume electricity generation soon: Official


Iranˈs Atomic Energy Organizationˈs spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi said Sunday that Bushehr power plant will resume electricity generation in the coming days once fuel change and semi-basic repairs are completed, IRNA reported.

Talking to IRNA, he said that as predicted earlier, the facility based on schedule was turned off after 300 days of work for loading and change of one-third of its fuel.

After undergoing necessary tests, overhaul and fuel change, it restarted its activity as of Saturday, he noted.
Temporary shutdown of the facility was due to take place after 300 days of operation, but, it was delayed in view of its coincidence with the end of the Iranian year and the Energy Ministryˈs request, Kamalvandi said.

He further clarified that over the past two-and-a-half months, necessary works for repairs and replacement of certain equipment were conducted.

The senior official of Iranˈs Atomic Energy Organization further noted that although the plant started its operation as of Saturday, it will take time for the heart of reactor to heat and hydraulic pumps start to work.

Bushehr power plant is expected to get back to its normal course within a few days to supply electricity to the national grid, he said.

In response to another question on commissioning of oxidization facility, Kamalvandi said that oxidization of UF6 gas is carried out under Joint Action Plan (Geneva deal).