Burkina Faso gov’t seeks mine contracts transparancy


Burkina Faso’s transitional government is set to reconsider mine permits issued during the rule of former President Blaise Compaore, seeking more transparency in the country’s mine sector.

“It’s a sector that has not always been transparent. I can assure you that concerning permits, we will revisit the contracts,” said new Mine Minister Colonel Boubacar Ba.

“I have heard that there are people who have, on their own, 50 to 60 permits that they are not exploiting. Often they resell them. We will put an end to that,” he added.

“We’re hearing that many mining companies are moving to neighboring countries and that will have a negative impact on our economy,” Ba said.

Ba also noted that he would go on with existing plans to revise the mining code in an attempt to increase investment opportunities at a time when the mining industry is downsizing.

The decision comes as similar measures have been taken by other African countries over the past decade, including in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Guinea.

Many people in Burkina Faso protested in October, slamming Compaore’s plan to extend his reign. Compaore stepped down as president following the unrest and fled the country. A number of mining projects were looted amid days of turbulence following his departure.