Breaking: Suleiman Al-Assad Arrested in Latakia


The first cousin removed of the Syrian President, Dr. Bashar Al-Assad, has been officially apprehended by the Syrian authorities after an arrest warrant was issued by the Syrian President 48 hours ago.

According to sources in Latakia, Suleiman Hilal Al-Assad was arrested at a farm in the town of Kalmakho, which is located outside of the provincial capital of Latakia.

A source added that Suleiman Al-Assad had complied with the Syrian authorities and did not resist his arrest.

Suleiman Al-Assad was arrested by the Syrian authorities for allegedly killing Colonel Hassan Al-Sheikh of the Syrian Arab Army’s Engineering Corps after a minor car accident in Latakia City.

The culprit was a member of the National Defense Forces (NDF) – a civilian-led militia that was founded and led by his late father, Hilal Jamil Al-Assad.

The investigation into the murder of Colonel Hassan Al-Sheikh is ongoing; however, eyewitnesses – including the Colonel’s children – allege that the man who opened fire was in fact Suleiman Al-Assad.

Sources from Suleiman Al-Assad’s camp have reportedly issued a statement that maintains the culprit’s innocence and that the President’s cousin will comply with the Syrian authorities.

Suleiman Al-Assad could face murder charges in a military court due to his membership in the NDF – an armed wing of the Syrian Armed Forces.

If the culprit is tried by a military tribunal, he could face execution.