Blast kills one at chemical factory in eastern China


At least one person has been killed in an explosion at a chemical factory in eastern China, weeks after a huge explosion at a chemical warehouse resulted in many deaths.

The latest explosion took place in Lijin County during the late hours of Monday, and the fire was brought under control about five hours later, the government-run Dongying News website reported.

Six executives of the company that runs the factory, Shandong Binyuan Chemical Co. Ltd., have been detained. The incident is under investigation.

The blast came just three weeks after a massive explosion at a warehouse storing chemicals killed dozens of people in northeastern China. The August 12 blast occurred in Tianjin, located 300 kilometers (190 miles) away from Lijin. Nearly 160 people died in the incident.

Following the explosions, Chinese President Xi Jinping vowed to implement more safety measures, calling on the country’s officials to learn from the “extremely profound” lessons of the deadly incident.

However, accidents involving hazardous material in factories and warehouses in China seem to increase in numbers. On August 22, an explosion rocked a chemical plant in the eastern Chinese province of Shandong. Roughly a week later, an employee of a paper mill in central China fell into a pool filled with poisonous waste paper pulp during a cleaning operation; the co-workers who rushed to help him were overcome by the noxious gasses. A total of seven people were killed as a result of the exposure to the toxic material.