Bahraini Islamic Clerics Warn Al Khalifa Regime against ‘Day of Revenge’


The Bahraini clerics condemned recent killings and arrests of people of the Persian Gulf country and warned that “the day of revenge” against the Al Khalifa regime will undoubtedly come.

“The savage crimes that are committed by the Al Khalifa regime in cahoots with the US and regional countries under the shadow of international silence, will strengthen our will and determination,” the Bahraini clerics said in a statement released on Friday.

“We say to the cruel regime that with the grace of God, the day of revenge by the people will come and you have to be held accountable (for your deeds),” the statement added.

The clerics also underlined that they are prepared to deal with any possible challenges and wrongdoings by the Al Khalifa regime.

The statement came after the Bahraini people staged nationwide demonstrations on Thursday night in various cities and villages in solidarity with Sheikh Isa Qassim, the spiritual leader of the country’s Shiite majority.

During the peaceful rallies, protesters condemned the ruling Al Khalifa regime for attacking the house of Sheikh Qassim.

In similar rallies on Wednesday night, the protesters marched their way to the suburbs of Manama despite the regime’s warning against holding more public gatherings. The peaceful protests turned ugly after regime forces fired tear gas at the demonstrators.  

The Bahraini Interior Ministry issued the warning a day after police stormed into the home of Sheikh Qassim, prompting clashes with the cleric’s supporters. During the raid on Monday, regime forces shot dead at least six demonstrators, wounded dozens and arrested over 280 people.

The latest developments came after a Bahraini court on May 21 sentenced Sheikh Qassim to one year in prison. Based on the verdict, the cleric’s properties worth three million Bahraini dinars (near $8 million) have been also confiscated. Moreover, Sheikh Qassim has been sentenced to pay a fine of 1,000 Bahraini dinars (about $2,650).

Bahrain, a close ally of the US in the Persian Gulf, has been witnessing almost daily protests against the Al Khalifa dynasty since early 2011, with security forces resorting to harsh measures against demonstrators.

Scores of Bahrainis have been killed and hundreds of others injured and arrested in the ongoing crackdown on the peaceful protests.