Ayatollah Subhani: Remembering the lights of guidance is our duty


Ayatollah Jafar Subhani, in a program commemorating one of his students, spoke about the importance of remembering those who have been a source of guidance for the Ummah.

His eminence stated: “It is our duty to remember our scholars. Those that have been luminous like a torch and been a source of guidance for others have rights over us and we must understand what those rights are. One of those rights is that we must hold programs remembering them.”

The Ayatollah explained the effect of showing respect to our scholars on the new generation. He said: “These types of remembrances are effective, when the youth and the students see such type of respect, they make an effort to come closer to this path or they are motivated further in their efforts.”

Ayatollah Jafar Subhani finished this segment of his talk by reminding the gathering of the importance of accompanying knowledge with faith. He concluded: “God raises the status of faithful and knowledgeable people; however, if someone has knowledge they must have faith alongside it.”