Ayatollah Misbah: Our youth today are more ready than previous generation


Ayatollah Misbah Yazdi, speaking to a group of university students yesterday, spoke about the status of the youth in the Islamic revolution and the importance of correctly understanding our role-models in Islamic history.

Regarding the youth, his eminence said: “One of the blessings and bounties of our nation today are the existence of revolutionary youth whom the leader of the revolution labelled as being even livelier and ever more ready than the first generation of youth during the revolution.”

The highly respected teacher of the Islamic seminary in Qum introduced Ammar as a role model for people of all ages to follow. He stated: “Ammar was someone who was in complete obedience to the Prophet (s) and Imam Ali (a) till the moment of his martyrdom. The famous narration of the Prophet (s) regarding the murderers of Ammar shows the special status of this great personality of Islam.”

He continued: “The presence of Ammar at the age of 90 in a war as difficult as Siffin, his steadfastness in the ranks of Imam Ali (a) with his high level of foresight teaches us that no matter what our age or situation, we should not side-line the responsibility of defending the truth.”

Introducing Maalik al-Ashtar to the discussion, Ayatollah Misbah quoted Allamah Hilli who recalled a tradition of Imam Ali (a). He said: “Allamah Hilli stated in regards to the status of Maalik that it is enough for us to know that Imam Ali (a) described him by saying: The example and position of Maalik to me is like the place and position of me to the Prophet (s).”

His eminence went onto highlight some of the important elements of the personality of Maalik al-Ashtar. He stated: “Maalik al-Ashtar, with his distinguished and in fact, unparalleled attributes such as bravery, sincerity, exemplary humility, worship, simplicity, lack of attention towards the world and also his forgiveness and selflessness was in reality a reflection of the personality of Imam Ali (a).”

“Unfortunately in introducing Maalik, little light is shed upon his sincerity and his focus on Islamic values. We see at the start of his battles, rather than speaking about himself in pride and vanity, which was the norm amongst the Arab warriors, he would speak instead about religion and defending it.”

Emphasising the insight and of Maalik al-Ashtar, Ayatollah Misbah said: “Another important attribute of Maalik was his ability to understand the enemy with certainty and insight. He was able to completely understand the roots of the issues at some of the turning points in Islamic history.”

Ayatollah Misbah Yazdi finished by reminding us to learn from the history of these personalities so we can understand our responsibilities in the current time. In this light he concluded the gathering by saying: “We must not be deceived by the enemy in the arena of negotiations. Even though they may speak of peace, they have never, and will never be well-wishers for us. Like the events of Siffin when the enemy pinned the Quran to the end of their spears, no matter what they state in the current situation, their true enemy is Islam.”