Ayatollah Jawadi: Intellect and justice will lead to peace


Ayatollah Jawadi Amoli, speaking to a group travelling to Syria with the message of peace, stated the important factors in leading the world towards this important objective. He said: “We are hopeful towards God that he guides this world towards intellectuality and justice so that the powerful do not walk without a path, nor block the path of others.”

His eminence stressed upon the need to understand what man actually is in relation to their journey in order to control his actions in this world. He stated: “Man is a universal existence and at no point does it cease to exist. Those who resort to war think that by death, man ceases to exist and they see death as the end of the road, however, death is just the halfway point and an infinite world awaits them.”

He continued: “If there was nothing after death and death was the end of the road than man could have led a barbaric life and invaded others using his power and force. However, with death, man is extracted from his skin and therefore, they must prepare for that which comes after death.”

Ayatollah Jawadi explained how not understanding this reality could lead to unspeakable tragedies. He said: “The ones in power today are the same people that imposed World War 1 and World War 2 on the world and led 70 million people to their deaths in less than 50 years.”

“If we understand that we will be held responsible for our actions and that after death we need to answer for those actions, we would stop committing these offenses.”

The highly respected philosopher and jurist continued by suggesting a solution for achieving intellect and justness in oneself. He stated: “Selfishness is an enemy which will never be at peace with man and it must be suppressed so that man can become just and intellectual.”

Ayatollah Jawadi Amoli finished the discussion by reminding the gathering of the objective of all the divine Prophets (s) and the responsibility we have towards them. His eminence concluded: “We are hopeful that you become the carriers of the message of the divine Prophets (s) and God frees the Middle East from the misplaced interventions of the super powers and that He grants the super powers with intellect and wisdom so that they may learn from the first and second World Wars and stop interfering in the affairs of others.”