Ayatollah Jawadi: Contradiction in gaining knowledge


Ayatollah Jawadi Amoli, in a part of his class on the commentary of the Quran in Masjid al-A’adham, spoke about the contradiction to the approach of gaining knowledge in the methods of the west and others who believe religion and knowledge do not go hand in hand.

The highly respected teacher of the Islamic seminary and the head of Al-Isra Institute introduced the argument by presenting the contradiction in reality as a sign of lack of knowledge and backwardness.

He stated: “One of the most backward things about the west and those that are of the opinion that religion is separate from sciences is that they do not believe themselves in that which they rely upon for their own research. They rely upon rational reasoning for their experimental sciences however they do not accept it for verifying religion.”

Ayatollah Jawadi Amoli rounded off his argument with an example. His eminence stated: “When it is decided to propose an academic opinion for example if they wish to suggest a medicine for the world and those that come after themselves, they rely upon this rational reasoning, however, when religion wishes to use this same method, they reject it.”