Attacks Continue on Libya’s Main Airport


Rocket fire targeted Libya’s main international airport for a fourth straight day Wednesday.

“The airport was again targeted by mortar fire and rockets for several hours,” an official told AFP on the condition of anonymity.

Salafi militias have been launching dozens of rockets on the airport in an effort to oust anti-Salafi fighters who are presently in control of the airport, added the official.

More than a dozen airplanes have been damaged since the attacks began, and international flights have been suspended indefinitely.

Airport officials expect the airport to remain closed for “several weeks, if not months”.

The airport has been under control of Zintan fighters for three years, but recent attacks have caused a chain reaction that have forced other airports, like the country’s Misrata airport to shut down due to its linkages with the control tower in Tripoli. With the country enveloped in chaos, Libya’s central government is considering calling for international forces to help restore security.