Arm-Twisting Yemen into Submission


Western papers have discontinued their daily front page reports on the illegal Saudi-led war on Yemen, replacing them with meagre meals of mostly summary stories.

For instance, they report: Saudi warplanes imposing an aerial blockade on Yemen stopped a Russian airplane which brought humanitarian aid into the capital city of Sana’a from leaving the country, saying they prevented former Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh from leaving the country on the flight.

There is no confirmation from the Russians or from Saleh. However, Western media outlets claim he visited the Russian embassy in Sana’a this week. Convinced Saleh was on the plane, the Saudis prevented it from leaving, demanding that the plane agree to stop off in southern Saudi Arabia for an “inspection.” The plane refused, which Saudis are taking as “proof” Saleh was abroad…

There are still occasional stories about high-profile bombings or military campaigns in obscure places though, but the bulk of the news is about quiescence in old hot spots and political manoeuvring by pro-Saudi factions.

The glimpse of the degraded conditions in Sana’a is symptomatic of the larger reality in Yemen. In a sense, the often exaggerated “decline” in the resistance group of Ansarullah’s victories AND control in the Muslim country has convinced some Western reporters to move around enough to report on the real conditions facing Yemenis, and so should have provided American and European audiences with a far fuller picture of the devastation the Saudi-led and US-backed war has wrought thus far.

In reality, since there are far fewer foreign reporters moving around a quieter Yemen, far less news is coming out of that wrecked land. In addition, the devastation that is now Yemen – once a top tourist destination – is not of a kind that can always be easily explained and “justified” in a short report, nor for that matter is it any longer easily repaired. In many cities, a Saudi-led reliance on artillery and air power during the worst days of fighting has only helped to devastate the remaining Yemeni infrastructure. How silly of them to claim Ansarullah has done all this and more!

What’s more, the devastation caused by the Saudi-led coalition airstrikes have done damage of another kind, often depriving Yemenis not just of their livelihoods but of the very tools they would now need to launch a major reconstruction effort in their own country.

As a consequence, what was once one of the most advanced and peaceful Middle Eastern societies has become an economic basket case, rivalling the most desperate countries in the world. Western media outlets would like us to believe only the as yet unfulfilled promise of oil riches, which cannot be accessed or used until the Saudis “win” and the US forces “complete” the construction of the biggest naval base there, provides a glimmer of “hope” that Yemen will someday lift itself out of the abyss into which the invaders pushed it. That’s wishful thinking. Any doubters should only ask Iraq, where its oil riches are now being plundered by the US-backed terrorist groups – and sold in Turkey and Europe!

Until the national resistance groups defeat the House of Saud and its criminal cohorts, ordinary people’s lives will remain shattered in Yemen. In the course of such a humanitarian catastrophe, which remains among the most critical in the world, it is absurd how the Obama regime asks Iran to look the other way as it continues to build its naval base and arm-twist the Yemenis into signing a shameful submission deal, which only seeks to complete the criminal occupation and the subsequent carnage.