Anti-government demonstration in Haiti turns violent


An anti-government protest has turned violent in Haiti’s capital following the shooting of three people in a volatile neighborhood.

Tuesday’s peaceful protest turned violent as demonstrators, who were marching from the Port-au-Prince shanty towns, reached an area called Delmas 32.

The protesters were calling for the resignation of Haitian President Michel Martelly.

Clashes broke out between the anti-government protesters and the pro-government residents of the area as they began to shout and throw rocks at each other.

According to reports, three people were shot during the clashes. One person was severely wounded after being shot in the neck, and two others sustained wounds to limbs.

Haiti’s National Police Force used tear gas to disperse the protesters.

The anti-government demonstration took place on a national holiday to mark the 211th anniversary of the 1803 battle when French colonial forces were defeated by an indigenous army after an 11-year struggle for emancipation from centuries of slavery.

According to figures by the World Bank, Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, with about 80 percent of its rural population living in poverty.