Anti-Cancer Vaccine Successfully Tested in Iran


Iranian researchers produced an anti-cancer vaccine which has successfully been tested on animal samples.

“The vaccine has been tested on animal samples and yielded promising results with 100% treatment of 7 sick animals out of 12 and 50% treatment of 3 others in the past 9 months,” Hojjatollah Rabbani, the researcher of the study, told FNA on Wednesday.

“Proving the safety of this vaccine for human beings needs time and it takes at least 10 years to prove that the vaccine doesn’t produce any side effects that would start new disease,” he added.

Iranian scientists have made great progress in anti-cancer studies.

In 2014, the Iranian researchers from Tarbiat Modarres University produced a new drug capable of detecting and removing cancer cells using turmeric.

The compound is made of curcumin found in the extract of turmeric, and has desirable physical and chemical stability and prevents the proliferation of cancer cells.

Also in the same year, the Iranian researchers at Kharazmi University, Tehran, designed and developed a smart medical Nano-carrier, using milk protein to treat stomach cancer.