Ankara gov’t heading Turkey in wrong direction, most Turks believe


The majority of Turks believe the government in Ankara is pushing the country in the wrong direction, according to a poll, as snap elections draw closer amid a failure to form a coalition government.

According to a recent poll conducted by MetroPOLL surveying firm, 65 percent of the respondents believed a dark future awaits the country.

Only 23 percent said the country was on the right path, with 10 percent saying the government was neither on the right nor on the wrong path. Two percent said they had no idea on the matter.    

MetroPOLL interviewed 2,520 by phone ahead of the upcoming snap elections to form a new government.

The June 7 elections were planned as the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party failed to form a single-party government. No party managed to win the minimum number of seats necessary to establish a single-party government in parliamentary elections earlier.

Following the failure of coalition talks, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan approved the formation of an interim government that will run the country until snap elections in November.

The AK Party has been in power since 2002.