Aleppo: Gov’t Forces Beat Terrorists back from Key District


Military sources announced Friday that heavy bombardments of warplanes have paved the way for a major rapid advance of the Syrian army and its allies against the terrorist groups in Southern districts of Aleppo city.

The Syrian army’s Republican Guard, backed by Hezbollah and the National Defense Forces (NDF), drove back Jeish al-Fatah terrorists from the entire territories of al-Amariyeh districts.

The fighter jets played a crucial role in the Syrian army’s advances.

Reports said earlier today that Syrian fighter jets pounded terrorists’ centers near a key village in Aleppo countryside, inflicting major losses and casualties on the militants.

Terrorists’ defense liens near the village of al-Sharafa were massively bombed by the Syrian army aircraft.

Terrorist groups suffered a heavy death toll and their military hardware also sustained major damage in the bombardments.