Al Qassam:Israel bears the consequences of its barbaric aggression


Al Qassam Brigades said that Israel had crossed all the red lines by targeting civilian homes, and threatened to expand range of firing in retaliation.

“If the enemy does not stop its bombing of houses policy, we will expand range of firing”, the armed wing warned in a statement at dawn Tuesday.

Commenting on Israeli declaration of war against Gaza, al-Qassam threatened an earthshaking reprisal, and pointed out, in this respect, that several barrages of rockets hit yesterday different Israeli targets.

“Israel will bear the consequences of its barbaric and criminal aggression. Forewarned is forearmed”, according to the statement.

Three Palestinian homes were targeted Monday night by Israeli airstrikes, including two homes in Khan Younis and the third in Rafah.

Along the same line, spokesman for Hamas movement Sami Abu Zuhri said that the Qassam’s rockets are a natural response to Israeli crimes against Palestinian people.

“We are not afraid of your threats and will not surrender to your conditions, we will respond to your crimes,” he added in a press release.