Al Bou Nasser region south of Tikrit liberated from ISIS terrorists


An Iraqi security officer announced here Friday that Iraqi Army, assisted by people’s volunteer forces managed to liberate Al Bou Nasser region in south of Tikrit from the blot of Daesh terrorists.

The security officer, quoted by Forat News website added that nine terrorists were killed in the operation and four of their vehicles were destroyed in it.

Another security official in Al Anbar province, too, announced that relying on assistance of moving tribes, the Iraqi security forces managed to defeat the attack of a group of ISIS terrorists in Al Khalidiyah region to the east of Al Rmadi, in Al Anbar province on Friday.

Meanwhile, Masdar News website announced in a report Friday that the Iraqi forces assisted by people’s volunteer forces and volunteer moving tribes keep on proceeding in several axes in Salaheddin and Al Anbar provinces, cleansing the terrorists in their path.

In their operations so far dozens of ISIS terrorists have got killed, dozens more have got wounded and arrested, and several villages have been liberated from the nasty presence of the Daesh terrorists.