Al-Azhar Scholar Slams Wahhabis, Says Saudi Forces Killed in Aggression on Yemen Not Martyr


Ahmed Karima, scholar of Islamic law at al-Azhar University, in an exclusive interview with Alwaght news and analysis website, declared that unlike the propaganda  of Riyadh and Abu Dhabi, Saudi and Emirati troops that have been killed in the Saudi-led war coalition against Yemen, are not martyrs.

Karima also stated that the Sunni meeting that took place in Grozny, was aimed to shed light on the general concept of Sunni Islam, in order to take the name of Sunni from Wahabbis who only consider themselves to be Sunnis.

The Sunni scholar also added, due to the academic diversity of the al-Azhar University, this institution refuses to excommunicate other Islamic thoughts, and we respect our Zaydi and Shiite brothers and consider them Muslims.

Touching on the anger of Wahhabi missionaries from not being invited in Russia-brokered Grozny conference, Sheikh Karima said without any doubt those venomous snakes are offended because al-Azhar has not mentioned them, and in this case it was the right thing to do, because they [Wahhabis] are a deviant group; They are not paying attention to Islam and are excommunicating everyone such as Abu al-Hasan al-Ash’ari, Abu Mansur al-Maturidi, al-Azhar, Shiites, Ibadis, and Zaydis. If the world wants to root out terrorism, it has to stand firmly against Wahhabism, because Wahhabis are the source of all the intrigues and tensions in our world, and for sure, they will attack this meeting, even though we have not excommunicated anyone. In fact we actually hope that in the subsequent Sunni meetings, our Shiite and Ibadi brothers will join us for a conversation.

Painting Wahhabis as agents of training terrorists in Central Asia, Sheikh Karima stated that Wahhabis have ruined young minds in the area and are using them to fuel terrorist operations.

 He went on saying that some Salafi-Wahhabi groups from Saudi Arabia have attacked Egypt because this country had housed Ahl al-Bayt (Prophet Mohammad’s Family) and always, whether during their lives of after it, Egypt has respected Ahl al-Bayt. Therfore, Wahhabis consider the Egyptians, people of heresy (Bid’ah).

Ahmed Karima also stated: Our country is proud of the name of Imam Hussain, and Zaynab, (Grandson and Granddaughter of Prophet Mohamad who are highly revered among Shiites). Al-Hussain mosque and Sayyidah Zaynab mosque are two religious monuments in Egypt. The Egyptians believe that Zaynab and the noble head of Imam Hussain are buried in Egypt. Professor Karima said that ever since the Wahhabis became angry of Egyptians’ affection for Ahl al-Bayt, they started praising Americans and criticizing Islam in Egypt.

In another part of his speech, Mr. Karima Referred to the Saudi aggression against Yemen, and said the Saudi and Emirati troops that are being killed in the war against Yemen are not martyrs, rather Yemenis who are victims of the Saudi attacks in this country should be considered martyrs. There is a difference between an aggressor and a victim. You can consider it a Fatwa that troops who get killed in the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen are not martyrs.

He also emphasized that the Saudis have established schools in Central Asia where extremist and takfiri beliefs are promoted. They grow up youths with the belief that Shiites, al-Azhar, Ibadis, Sufis, should be excommunicated, so, they get recruited in terrorist groups.