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2 Killed, 143 Wounded as Explosion Hits Mosque in Libya’s Benghazi

by islamic voice

Two people were killed and 143 others, including children, were injured on Friday when an explosion hit a mosque during Friday prayers in the Eastern Libyan city of Benghazi, according to military and medical sources.

“An explosion hit inside the Sa’ad Bin-Abada mosque in Majuri district of Benghazi during Friday prayers,” Col. Milud Zwai, Spokesman for the Eastern-based army’s special forces, said, Xinhua reported.

“The explosion was carried out by explosives bags placed inside the mosque,” Zwai added, noting that “the bombing was carried out remotely, according to preliminary investigations.”

The Head of the Chamber General Wanis Bokhmada, instructed all mosques in Benghazi to “install surveillance cameras within two weeks.”

The city of Benghazi, controlled by the army after defeating terrorist groups later in 2017, is witnessing an escalation of bombings, particularly on mosques.

Twin car bomb attacks hit a mosque in Benghazi’s Salmani district two week ago as the worshipers exited the mosque after the night prayer, killing 34 people and injuring more than 100 others, mostly civilians.

Libya has been suffering insecurity and chaos since the uprising that toppled former leader Muammar Gaddafi’s regime in 2011. The country is plagued with unrest and political division.

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