10 key points from Nasrallah’s speech


Thousands gathered today in South Lebanon to listen to Hezbollah leader, Sayed Hassan Nasrallah, deliver his speech on Liberation Day 2014. Liberation Day marks the day Israeli occupation forces were forced to end their illegal occupation of Lebanon in 2000 after facing resistance by Hezbollah.

The following points were made in his speech:

1. Remembering resistance victories are important

Remembering and celebrating liberation day is important to remind ourselves of what has been achieved since and to remember the sacrifices that have been made. These victories also remind the enemies; no matter how big their armies are and how many weapons they have – they can be defeated.

2. Terrorist groups in region do not represent Islamic principles

Today Islam is being linked (through groups in Syria and elsewhere) to destruction, massacres, beheadings and destroying holy shrines – linking Islam with such acts is a crime in itself and not justifiable. Hezbollah is a resistance movement that was created by Islam and Islamic principles, as well as being a national resistance. The resistance represent the proper teachings of Islam and Prophet Muhammad and act accordingly.

3. Hezbollah is the only viable deterrent against Israel

Hezbollah is the only viable solution for deterring Israel. Despite the conflict in Syria, Hezbollah have been able to maintain their deterrence against Israel. Hezbollah are continuing to improve their defence and deterrence against any Israeli aggression. Israel is scared and unsettled by this.

4. Hezbollah will take action against increased Israeli transgressions

Israel has made some transgressions into Lebanese territory in the past few months; this needs to stop. If these violations reach a level where they require intervention, Hezbollah will not sit by quietly and will take appropriate action. The resistance has the courage, capability and the wisdom to prevent what Israel wants.

5. Supporting Syria is a moral obligation for the resistance

Last year we outlined our stance on Syria and our active role, as well as the reasons why. Everything that has happened in the last year shows that we were correct in the stance we took. Syria is the ‘heart of Arabism’ and stood firmly against Israel in the past and supported both the Palestinian resistance and the Lebanese resistance, and is paying the price for that. Why would we not support our own backbone?

6. The zionist project is to divide and destroy the region, even further

The Zionist project is to divide us by sectarian lines, but now even further by creating divided ‘emirates’ through supporting even smaller armed factions within states fighting each other (such as ISIL). Those who brought Zionism to Palestine (the British) did so in order to divide and destroy the region and keep us preoccupied in wars with each other – and then seek help from the ones who created the situation in the first place.

7. Zionist want to see Syria destroyed because it is part of the ‘Resistance Axis’

The same method is being used in Syria right now; they are funding, arming and sending terrorists from all over the world to Syria. Only to destroy Syria, because Syria is part of the ‘resistance axis’ which threatens Israel’s plans for the region. Is it a coincidence that terrorists from all around the world are coming to Syria? This didn’t even happen in Afghanistan!

8. Syria’s strength against terrorists was essential for the truth

If Syria had not shown strength and steadfastness against these terrorists on the battlefield, then public and international opinion would not have changed in regards to the Syrian opposition and the terrorists groups inside Syria. Now their plan is failing, fighters are returning home to places like Europe causing security issues in their countries.

9. It is important to expose the role of Israel in the Syria conflict.

Israel is working with the Syrian opposition to bomb Syrian Arab Army targets and giving them support through the Golan Heights. The resistance axis has shown strength and unity against the world in Syria.

10. The resistance will be victorious

In 2006 a regional war took place, which was fought in Lebanon – and was coined by Condolezza Rice as ‘the new middle east’. This plan for the region will not pass; the resistance axis will be victorious. When the truth comes out, the people of the region will thank Syria for persevering. We pledge to all the leaders, our martyrs, our Ummah and our people to keep persevering and achieve victory.

Source: Digital Resistance